Intellectual quality through interactive whiteboard

An example of an interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are part of a rich learning environment in today’s society. The quality of learning is increased and teachers can utilise various learning styles in order to create differentiation and engage students deeply in their learning. An interactive whiteboard allows teachers and students to explore concepts further than they would be able to on a traditional whiteboard – it gives them the opportunity to save work, promote higher order thinking, help gain a deeper understanding, and promote rich class discussion. Whilst using an interactive whiteboard, teachers should aim for lessons that create opportunities for follow up discussion. However, the quality of the lesson does not rely on the interactive whiteboard, rather how the teacher utilises it.

Activities on whiteboard should create discussion – their purpose is to support the learning environment. Interactive whiteboards allow a teacher to give their students rich learning opportunities. It gives students a whole – class relationship, social support and self regulation. Overall interactive whiteboards appear to be a great introduction into classroom environments as they provide students with regular and useful opportunities to learn.

Interactive whiteboard ideas

A great demonstration!


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